Business Support

For more information on support available for businesses please visit the City of Fremantle Business page.

Community Development Support

The City of Fremantle’s Arts and Community Development Grants assist in making Fremantle the most vibrant, creative, innovative, diverse and sustainable place it can be. Strong community groups and thriving artists are a huge part of what make our community unique. The Community Development Grants can help your group attract new members, acknowledge existing ones, build your volunteer base and provide funding assistance to create your vision and achieve your goals. If you’re an artist who could do with some assistance to develop and flourish in your cultural arts practice, the Arts Grants may provide the support you need. If you have an activity that will contribute to the wellbeing, vibrancy and cultural diversity of Fremantle, the City of Fremantle looks forward to hearing from you.

Twice a year, the City of Fremantle offers arts grants of up to $25,000 and community grants up to $10,000 for projects or activities that contribute to Fremantle’s wellbeing, vibrancy and cultural diversity. The grants are financed from the City’s annual arts pool of $50,000 and community pool of $60,000, which are divided across two funding rounds in March and September.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the City of Fremantle prior to making the application or attend an information session.

For more information on the grants, visit the Arts and Community Grants page on the City of Fremantle website.